Buy kit now! – discounts until 29/10/17

You should place our kit orders online individually, before the cut-off date: 29th October

This is the web page

The kit will then be delivered to me in early to mid-December.

Some useful links here:

No money is taken until after the cut-off date has passed, then the orders are collated, discounts applied and then the payments taken. Also, the worst case scenario will be the 2-11 price level, even if someone is the only person to order a particular item, if it is ordered within the club ordering window. The postage costs will also be split between everyone in the order and the kit will be despatched to me.

This way we can get a multiple purchase discount.

No money is taken from your card until the window closes.

The items are sent to Arthur who distributes them via a box in the front boat house.

It takes several weeks after the window closes for the kit to arrive as it is custom made.

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