Indoor rowing instruction

with Jonathan Drake, author of the little e-book, Rowing from a Holistic Perspective

Jonathan teaches the use of the indoor rower with sculling in mind. His sessions are suitable for:

  • novices: learn good habits about proper body movement away from the shell – with its added challenges of balancing the boat and manipulating the oars
  • seasoned scullers: it’s never too late to undo movement patterns which risk/cause injury. Increase your pleasure in mastering the skills of sculling and go faster.

YBC members  can claim approximately 15% discount on lessons  of which 15% is donated to YBC funds. So, it costs £25 for a one hour session, one-to-one,  of which £5 goes to club funds (one-to-two, £36 or £18 each, inc £7 donation to YBC).

Contact Jonathan on 07746 085212 or email:

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