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Great Ouse Marathon

Don’t let the title put you off from rowing it in future – it’s only a half-marathon! 22km from Denver Sluice to Queen Adelaide (near Ely) on the Great Ouse. Yare sent 3 doubles to the event on Sunday 1 September 2013: Rod and Michael in Harrier, Anthony and James in Dusky Grimmer, and Arthur and me in George Cooper. Norwich rowing club, who sent 2 quads, very kindly put our boats on their trailer.

Christine was our ‘boatman’ for the day, taking us to the event, dealing with trestles and our equipment, and of course, picking us up at the finish! This was very kind of her because I imagine she would have wanted to row it herself. There were plenty of singlers too – 46 in total, as compared to 18 doubles/pairs,14 quads/fours and 7 eights.

The course is wonderful. The river is wide, there is no tide (only a light flow), and the weather is almost always pleasant. You can expect to row into the wind though as it tends to blow from the south.

Once you have boated, you are into the race almost immediately. Rod was surprised by a marshall shouting ‘Are you ready?’ before he’d had a chance to warm up, but as he had a 22km row ahead of him, the 200 metres he did get was probably sufficient!

Arthur and I found we got into our stride pretty well and we soon overcame our Vet C competition from St. Ives. This was a little payback from the Sudbury 2010 regatta, when we were up against the very same crew, who beat us easily (helped by my steering us into the bank on that day!). They commented afterwards that we were on form – they were unaware that later on in the race we started to flag a bit and couldn’t maintain our early speed!

We took our single break at 50 minutes – stopping to remove a layer of clothing, have a drink and a banana. I did this fairly ineptly, spilling my drink all over the boat. One tip for future is wear as little clothing as you can get away with. It was perhaps 20 degrees on the river in bright sunshine and when you are pushing it for 1 hour and 40 minutes, it gets hot! Rod and Michael didn’t feel the need to stop for the refuel, but I am glad we did because we were sweating so much, I feel without taking the water on, I would have suffered from dehydration. Anthony and James took a break, continuing to row, one-at-a-time while the other takes on drink/food, but we stopped and drank at the same time. Anthony managed to get a some of his water into his mouth, but most of it sprayed down his front!

The first half of the course is meandering with some nice long straights, but once you pass the 10km where the Little Ouse joins, it is 12km of straight. There are quite a few pleasure cruisers and canal boats at this point so you have to occasionally look over your shoulder. The river is wide enough to get past them without much trouble.

There are marshalls along the route shouting out completed distances from the bridges. Arthur and I really appreciated that lady on Littleport Bridge shouting ‘7km to go!’. Why, that’s simply the return from Paddy’s on our river!

It was a relief to see the final kilometre sign. The head wind was fairly strong so it took us about 140 strokes to complete it which is 40 more than Arthur was expecting! One tip for next year – once you have crossed the finish line, try to keep rowing rather than stopping. I got cramp in my arms and legs, and my bottom started to hurt, and so Arthur had to row the 1.5km to the club mostly on his own!

We arrived to find a buzz of activity and chatter on the bank. It was a very pleasant atmosphere, and the food and drink was excellent and inexpensive. The results appeared quickly and it turns out that Yare put in some pretty good performances. Anthony and James were not only the fastest double of the day, but they broke the course record for their age group as did Arthur and I. Rod and Michael had a great row finishing in the top third of the crews with a time under 1 hour 50 mins with little training as a crew.

Special thanks to Christine for all her help on the day and to Norwich Rowing Club for towing and niceness.

Well done and thanks to Ely Rowing Club for putting on such a great event.

 (Pictures to follow)

Richard Turner

David’s Wynne-ing Streak
David won Masters F singles last week (21st) at Leicester Regatta (700m, straight final against Nottingham sculler, 3 lengths) and again yesterday (28th) at Lea Spring Regatta in an E/F handicap entry (600m), just holding off the E sculler from Weybridge by a canvas in the final. Both events wearing Yare colours.

Wearing NRC colours, he also won in Masters F coxless quads yesterday.


YBC’s Lou Holmes was the fastest woman in the Norfolk Long Distance Sculls!

The Yare scullers did very well in the Norfolk Long Distance Sculls this year. On the Saturday of November 3rd the YBC crews delivered three wins. In the first division Lou got a pot for being the fastest woman in a single, at 19:19. Hence, despite there not being enough competitors in her W.IM2.1x race for pots to be given out, she still secured one.

Equally short of competitors and hence with no pot to race for, were Richard and Arthur in IM3.2x, but they still did a very nice 16:31.The Yare/Broadland composite women’s quad were also all alone in the W.IM3.4x race, but pushed for the finish anyway, making it in 18:12 (despite a brief brush with the bank vegetation).

James had a very good day, first he won the MasC.1x on an amazing 16:57 in the first division (beating Ian, among others). For the second division James teamed up with Anthony and they won MasC.2x on 17:15. Ian was closer to the winner in his second race for the dayin IM3.1x, coming second on 19:23, in spite of the weather taking a turn for the worse in the afternoon.

Yare Cup Report?


Lovely weather,but no YBC victories at Peterborough Summer Regattas

The 2012 Peterborough Summer Regattas held on August 11 and 12 offered rowing friendly weather, in contrast to so many of the events planned for this year. Despite the warm and beautiful sunshine Ian, racing in a single, did not make it to the 1000m finals on the Saturday. He finished third in the IM3 heat and fourth in Mas C. Sunday was a better day and 500m a better distance, Ian made it to the finals in both categories, winning his IM3heat. However, the opposition in both finals was very strong and he finished 3rd in both IM3 and Mas C.

The Saturday regatta was also the first race for a new composite women’s quad with Ariane and Catharina from YBC teaming up with Anita and Louise from Broadland BC. Due to the recent success of one of the crewmembers, the quad raced in the W.IM3 category where 4 seconds were all that came between the Yare boat and a place in the final, the heat was won by the overall winners from Leeds.


Club Double Sculls and Harvey Cup 2012, Sunday July 8

Miraculously the rain held off just long enough for the annual club sprint races! This year YBC welcomed six new scullers to the joy of racing. For the Club Double Sculls beginners and experienced YBC members teamed up in six doubles. Christine and Paul, Ariane and Chris, Richard and Sarah, Catharina and Ben, Arthur and Sarah, Bob and Brian first did two tables in which everybody got to race two other boats. The winners of each table met in a very close final that saw Richard and Sarah finish as winners of this year’s Club Double Sculls. Their victory will be recorded in club history as their names are engraved on the cup!

The Harvey Cup attracted eight entries, three women: Kim, Christina and Catharina, and five men: Rod, Chris, Bob, Richard and Ian. After setting the handicaps all could race against each other, which resulted in some really close heats. The semi-finals saw two mixed races, women against men. The final was the most exiting race of the day, after struggling side-by-side Ian pushed ahead with a foot at the most, overtaking Richard just before the finish line. Ian was delighted to provide the cup with a home until next years race.

Lea Spring Regatta 22 April 2012

Two YBC crews raced at Lea Spring Regatta this year, David in a single and Ariane and Catharina in a double. The day started out very well with Ariane and Catharina winning their first 600 metre race against a crew from Queen Mary’s College by three lengths. The sunshine lasted through the semi-final in the Women’s Novice Double Sculls which the YBC won in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

In the afternoon the weather took a turn for the worse and so did the YBC rowing. Drenched by heavy showers Ariane and Catharina failed to keep the spirit up through the final and lost by three lengths to a Weybridge crew (clearly visible in the photo). In the same division David, also wet and cold, put up a good fight in Mas.F 1x, but the opponent from Sudbury found the little extra strength helping him to finish half a length ahead of the Yare boat.

see picture

YBC Crew Sets New Boston Marathon Record!

The move of the Boston Marathon from September last year to April first this year did not affect the YBC 2x crew negatively. Anthony and James won Masters D, breaking the previous record by 17 ½ minutes. They came in 3rd overall on a time of 3 hours, 35 minutes and 50 seconds.

Norwich Head of the River, 25 February 2012

Eight Yare crews competed in the 2012 Norwich Head of the River on February 25th. This year the race had got a new, 5k, course starting at Riverscourt and finishing at Whitlingham Green.


In the first Division the delayed start seems to have provided Lou and Andy with a very good speed. Leaving their MxIM2 competition far, far behind they caught up with and overtook the composite YBC/TSS MasE crew, Anthony and Roger. The two Yare crews finished 17 seconds apart, Lou and Andy at 21:34, Anthony and Roger at 21:51. A third Yare sculler, James in MasC, came in 8 seconds behind them at 21:59. The fourth YBC boat in the race, in another MasC single Ian came as close as one can possibly come to the opponents, being defeated by one (1) second only, finishing at 23:08.


Ian had another go in the second Division, which started on time in the afternoon. This time he finished on 24:39 in the IM3 category. Anthony also raced a second time, now teaming up with James in a MasD 2x; finishing at 21:43 they were the fastest Yare boat in the afternoon race. Arthur and Richard, whose race category remains shrouded in mystery, finished on 22:28. Much, much later Ariane and Catharina made it across the finish line on 27:35, taking comfort in having held off the local competitors in the WMasB with 34 seconds.


We congratulate all YBC crews on having raced and hope that the club crews will continue to perform well in future races. Thanks also to Martin who was the most visible race Marshall on the river. For next year we hope for even more entries from YBC in this local high-quality head race. It would be great to enter a quad or two.


The full list of results is here.

The pictures of Yare members competing are on our picture wall.

The photographs come courtesy of Websters, who sponsored the race and there are many more pictures from the event on the dedicated website:




Catharina and Ariane took part in their first double sculling race at the Lea Spring Regatta on Easter Sunday, travelling with the Norwich Rowing Club, whose juniors were taking part in their first side-by-side racing of the season.
It was all about gaining their first experience of racing from the stake boat on a two-lane course. Although our ladies didn’t win their straight final they learned a lot and really enjoyed the day. The sunny, warm and still conditions added to the enjoyment.
If you know the Lea, you will be familiar with the great atmosphere there, with cheering supporters all along the bank, and the slightly tricky course with its deceptive bend and the narrow boats moored on the Essex (reservoir) bank!  (Not to mention the traditional-style cafe at the finish line.)
So a big well done to our Women’s Novice double, who are being coached by Kim (and got some briefing on regatta starts and on the Lea course from David).  We won’t dwell on David’s race in the Masters “D” singles – excuse: they didn’t give me any handicap start despite being “E” category!
Catharina and Ariane definitely want to try again. Who else is up for some racing this summer?
David W

Norwich Head 2011

The first division went off more or less on time and included several Yare boats. The vet quad surpassed most of its training runs and posted a good enough time to suggest that more speed is possible- 1 second behind a boat 2 vet categories younger. Unfortunately no handicapping in this event and not enough boats to make it a pot. Ian, Lou and James singled and Andy/Mandy also rowed a double on the long course. The very vocal support and the pictures are much appreciated- the acoustics under the viaduct are excellent!
In the afternoon, in similar mild conditions, Richard and Arthur posted a decent time in spite of having to stop twice, once to avoid a drifting fishing boat and the second to remonstrate (a little rudely) with a youthful four with a headless cox. Anthony and Joy were also nippy in their mixed double. Ian is obviously not a morning person because he got our only pot in the afternoon.
Andy Cocks and Catharina singled the short course and both posted creditable times.



Yare Cup 2010

A rainy, squally day turned into a rainer and squallier day with the only calm sunny bits appearing between divisions. In spite of the weather and a low turn out there was plenty of effort and skill to be seen on the river.

The Yare Cup was again claimed by NRC although Yare did manage to earn a few pots.

Well done and thanks to all those competing, organising, officiating and fortifying persons.


Results this way

Boston Marathon

Anthony and Roger (or as it says on the results page, “Rog and his mate”) completed the 31 mile course in 3 hours and 56 minutes. and won their division.

Boston results page

In fact they came 17th out of over 300 competitors!

Fantastic result and well done.

Sudbury Regatta 2010

A last minute redraw meant an extra half hour in bed-  this was a good result. Ali Sursham, Kim and John Wilkinson and three regatta virgins (Arthur, Guy and Richard) all went down to Sudbury Regatta.
We left on time and after about 20 miles stopped worrying about the trailer and the boats: we reckoned that everything that was going to fall off had done so. The weather on the trip pre-figured the rest of the day- sudden showers and sunny spells.
We were carrying a boat for a Norwich crew and arrived just in time for them to assemble it and boat for their race. The car arrived before the tractor and trailer and was organised and ready to untie boats and start assembling them. Norwich raced and hit nothing in spite of having forgotten to cross the steering wires so John steered ‘backwards’. They did not make the final but merited a coiffure comment during the race. They derigged, loaded the boat and went to savour the delights of the various food and drink tents. Thereafter John took the photographs and most of the hog roast.
The Yare four beat a younger Lea crew, building on their 4 second handicap throughout, to get to the final. The double, distracted by the opposition not waiting for their handicap, caught the weeds and lost too much time to make up but pulled to the finish. The commentator started to run out of new ways of describing crews hitting the bank or catching the weeds. At least a quarter of the races were decided by steering. Kim also fell victim to the vegetation in her single and finished strongly- but in second place.
The pair, perversely, hit the bank on the way to the start but not during the race that we could see although both crews were struggling to stay on line as they swapped stations several times. The four was trundled out again and made a good start but a Stour crab grabbed an oar and held on to it  for a vital second. In our attempt to catch the other boat the four produced some of its fastest and smoothest work of the day but couldn’t make up the lost ground. The last race of our day was a very close event in which David Wynne was pipped at the post by a Lea sculler.
Sudbury has a strange ‘J’ shaped course with the start on the curve. It is unforgiving and steering errors are generally critical. In spite of our lack of pots the Yare troop (apart from David) had enjoyed the day and enthusiasm for persisting with the four grew.

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Yare win at British Rowing Masters Championships

Yare members, Nick Cooper, Anthony Meynell and David Wynne joined with Norwich veteran stalwart, David Bolton, to form a composite crew and contest the British Rowing Masters Championships on Sunday 13th June. This annual regatta for veterans takes place at Nottingham’s National Water Sports Centre and attracts crews from as far away as Devon, Northumberland and Belfast. Competing in the restricted points IM3 (age category “F”) quad event, the Yare/Norwich composite crew were nervously wondering whether they could do as well as last year’s entrants, a similar YBC/NRC composite, and beat the Upton RC crew comfortably into second place. The weather was warm and calm, quite unusual for the Nottingham course, which is exposed and can be quite difficult to race at. The first 500 metres of the 1k race was hard fought against Upton although the Norfolk boat pulled away with a smooth and powerful start. Upton weren’t going down without a fight and the crews went through the half way mark with little more than a length separating them. The composite, stroked by David Wynne, didn’t panic but found a good rhythm and gradually built a bigger lead. Even on this calm day there were a some gusts and umpire launch washes that could have upset the boat but Nick concentrated on steering the lane and our crew eased past the finish line and turned to the winner’s pontoon to get their gold medal. The Masters championships had a record entry of 539 crews this year. Hopefully some more of YBC’s competitive but less youthful racers will have a go next year and swell the Norfolk contingent of over twenty rowers that went with Norwich RC this time.

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Click on the event name to download the results file. Norwich Head 27th February 2010

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