Norwich Masters’ Winter Sculling Ladder

Congratulations to the medal winners in the 2014/15 Norwich Masters’ Winter Sculling Ladder. A presentation and reminiscence were held at the Crown Point on conclusion of this winter’s competition, the winners being :

Best newcomer: Claire Bingham (Yare Boat Club)
Women’s winner: Sarah Lister (Norwich RC)
Men’s winner and The Nick Cooper Trophy winner: Lawrence Taylor (Broadland BC)

This year, 30 Master single scullers competed in at least one leg of The Ladder. To quote Anthony Meynell of Yare BC, “it kept me training hard throughout the winter”.

Next winter’s Ladder will have legs extending into March, and a medal for the oldest sculler to compete in every leg. If you’re a master, can single to Paddy’s Pump and back, and can be tempted to enter local heads, you simply must enter The Ladder. Times are adjusted for Masters’ age (and gender), so neither age nor gender is an excuse!

(thanks David)

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