Carrow Cup 2016- Race report

The mighty River Yare played host to dozens of Christmas-themed crews for the Carrow Cup on Saturday 10th December.

Scullers dressed as elves, snowmen and Santas marshalled at Bishop Bridge in three different divisions ready to jingle all the way along the 4km sprint to the finish at Broadland Boat club.
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The Carrow Cup is always a fun race and this year was no exception with many boats blasting out festive music to keep crews in high spirits.

Weather conditions were close to perfect and the crowds lining the Riverside banks and bridges also enjoyed the race with lots of enthusiastic whooping and cheering. Even the bewildered few who weren’t sure what they were watching managed smiles when they saw the Father Christmases and elves scull past in a flurry of glitter and cotton wool.

YBC fielded four crews on the day: Nick Cooper expertly steered three of our junior Christmas angels through Division One and Elliot and Andy sculled Division Three in a spectacular double decorated with tinsel and 14 helium balloons. The budding Brian Coxes at YBC hypothesised about how this might raise the boat slightly off the water and reduce drag or even create some Magnificent Men in the Flying Machines/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-esq spectacle. Sadly, however, we will all have to wait until someone tries that again next year because the balloons barely made it 500 metres along the river before they were jettisoned into a tree. (Local reports of sparrows with unusually high-pitched tweeting around Whitlingham are as yet unconfirmed!)

Mark and Adam went for a minimal ‘just a Chrimbo jumper’ outfit and were totally outshone by Jane and co, who raced in a ladies quad as The Nativity, complete with a plastic Baby Jesus (which took an unorthodox cox position from behind Carol in seat two.)

Unfortunately, none of our crews were quick enough to bag any trophies on the day, but if success can be measured in the size of people’s smiles, then everyone at Yare Boat Club was a winner!

Well done everyone for a cracker of a day!


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